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One of my many musical projects is a group called Boxtet. We are four melodeon players – Ollie King, Matt Quinn, Mel Biggs and myself. Several years ago I had the idea that it would be fun to play together. We are gradually building ourselves up as a band and our first public gig (at the East Anglian Traditional Music Trust’s “Melodeons and More” event this March) went very well. We now have an active facebook page, where as well as posting news about the group we are trying to engage with our followers and encourage a greater appreciation of our instrument. This is where our #7daysofbox challenge came in. The idea was that we would all pick seven melodeon players who meant a great deal to us and post a sound file of them playing. This series of posts brings all of that music together – I hope you enjoy listening to them!

Week 1 – Matt Quinn – http://www.mattquinnmusic.co.uk/

It’s here!!!! Boxtet’s ‘7 musicians in 7 days’ challenge. Matt Quinn here. This week I’ll be sharing my 7 of my favourite players of the single row melodeon. There are many more players that I wanted to share but 7’s the limit for this challenge. So here’s my share for day 1, the fabulous Rejean Simard.

Isn’t this simply wonderful?


Ok folks! Here’s my choice for day 2 of ‪#‎7daysofbox‬. It’s some fabulous cajun music from the playing of the master himself Marc Savoy.


Here we go with day 3 of MQ’s ‪#‎7daysofbox‬. A big welcome for Andy Cutting (and not the last I imagine in this challenge)!! As my 7 all involve single-row melodeon players, here’s a fantastic video of Andy playing a Castagnari Max way back in 1993 with Chris Wood.

Watch those fingers fly!!!!

Today’s ‪#‎7daysofbox‬ choice is… Yves Lambert. This man is a phenomenal box player, a great singer and an awesome harmonica player to boot. He is also the guy who formed the band La Bottine Souriante in 1976 and stayed with them until 2002. What a legend!!!

Here’s a half hour film of Yves Lambert in La Bottine Souriante in 1998.

Day 5 of ‪#‎7daysofbox‬ features one of my favourite players (also one of my favourite people).

Here is Liam Robinson playing The Rose Tree with Nina Zagorski & Tim Walker.

Hoorah for bouncy English dance music!!!

This, the penultimate day of Matt’s ‪#‎7daysofbox‬ brings us the delights of Frank Sears, another Quebecois box player. Such great playing.

Plus he’s playing a reel in G on a D 1-row. Impressive eh?

So, here is Matt’s final selection for his ‪#‎7daysofbox‬. Philippe Bruneau is one of the Quebecois traditions greatest 1-row melodeon players. However we couldn’t find any satisfactory videos of him play one. So here instead is Philippe Bruneau playing a 3-row GCF melodeon accompanying the stunning Donnie Gilchrist doing some pretty sensational step dancing.

I hope you have enjoyed Matt’s choices, we certainly have. Join us tomorrow onwards for another Boxtet member’s #7daysofbox.


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