The Tempest

We, the musicians and storytellers of Silent Sessions are delighted to inform you all that after the resounding success of our first album (about which you can read much here) we have brought out a second!

Click to buy Shakespeare’s The Tempest!

As with the previous album, it is the music to a live show. We were commissioned by the St Albans Shakespeare Festival to create a piece of folk music inspired storytelling based around one of Shakespeare’s plays. We chose The Tempest, what is thought to be his final play, and one which is full of music and magic.

Our show features old friends James McNamara on fiddle (who featured on the last Silent Sessions album) and Mae McAllister (from There and Back Again) on harp, whistle and recorder. We are joined by Will Seaward (the force of nature who gave us the original Silent Cannonfire) and Jenny Wilford (of Sheer Height Theatre). Between them our two storytellers tell the story of the Tempest, using some of Shakespeare’s original text and accompanied by tunes from the period, from the folk tradition and some more modern works. We are delighted with the show and with the sound. If you would like to hear some of it then you can listen to and download for free the first track on the album, or purchase the entire CD here!

Below, for your delectation and delight is the cover art. The design is by Jon Loomes and the text, as with the previous CD, is a masterpiece by our very own Dr James McNamara!

I am currently putting together a mini tour of this project, to take place later this year. For now though the next show is in Fitzwilliam Auditorium Cambridge next Saturday 11th June at 8pm. You can buy your tickets here, I hope to see lots of you there!

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