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Silent Sessions

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The list of blog posts that I am intending to write is nearing double digits, so I’d better get on with it! My life has taken an interesting turn this year, with a new job working as an organ tuner (yes, the thing with the pipes) and a change of location, back to St Albans where I grew up. The solo album (as yet unnamed) is also going well, with the recording done and the final mix and master happening imminently. Continue reading Silent Sessions

Musings on playing for Theatre

Most blogs suffer from one of two fates, lack of content or lack of time. I am currently suffering from the latter. I have at least 6 posts stored up in my head, but don’t have the time to write them all down at the moment. So my summary of Tony Hall’s gig at Islington Folk Club on Thursday is “Amazing”. I hope this will do!

So to business. The last two Musings were on playing for dance and playing for song. Playing for theatre however is one kind of performance that not many people get to do and I feel privileged to have done it not once, but twice. There is a distinction between being a pit band for a musical or playing incidental music for a play and doing what I did, which is integrating music with theatre, with both sides reacting to one another. Continue reading Musings on playing for Theatre